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can you dig? Cozy DesiGners Do iT yourself!

Online Marketing DOMAiN BASED

Get your cozy on! The Original Original.


goD iS a,. LoON

TimeToGetTuNED! .com

j Sixty One j61 .de   My BLoG!
Solo s o l o er soloing SoloisT SOLOS

so LOW er so SOL SOUL, soled, soles

get your dancing shoes on!

ViBeSss v i BrA ti oNs

Website Design


Welcome to My BLoG!

Interested in setting up your own online website experience?

I am thinking you found your way here thru the fluke of a search or hear,. say?

(i couldnt resisT,. anyway)

I have an interest in online marking,. park pages and public service traffic projects.

You might want to browse WebsiTeDoiTyourself.iNFO at some point or tangent off on links

found from a variety of DOMAiN NAME BASED urls i have a tendency to link.

Say iT BesT with a DOMAIN and EXTENSION that Say iT BesT!

The MoBiLe you,. your personaliZed email,. DOMAiN NAME BASED.

Turns out i have some iDEAS about websites and marketing those iDEAS.

Why to toil under any more duress than really necessary, and, i could go on.

So,. sew,. anyway, on quite a few rounds that, i aM.. still making,

it seems that i may be on my way to,. doing work,. i enjoy..

repaying those who i indebted, debt..

doing things i like best,. siLLy me?

Perhaps help the neighbors, SUN and natural order maintaining,.

free free souls to free thinking while im at it?
i M a gi Ne...  tHaT!?

i,. could call myself,. Custodian CEO Janitor DO ALL - ReaL ReaLiTy Protectorate,.

go about..

" dancing in elf shoes whilst playing a catchy tune on lute " or,.

something,. natural order,. whirly..  like,..  A  L  L   that?   well,..


Got a website yet?

Connect the likeminded interested you found socializing to your,. DOMAiN BASE!

Peoples Assembly your wHaTeVer HoWeVer you like.. tell YOUR friends too!

My name is Jim.

Perhaps interesting,. and there is that  " NOTION " word.. of which i did have.

I looked into the family,. tree.

Isnt that ,. hilarious,. and, i really do think of myself as a " chimpanzee "

versus bonobo ye crosSed the diViDe again far too often seen, ill leading,

misappropriating, raping, CAGING.. always reENacting something imposing

piTting this universe of living with something rewards in AFTER life when,. DEAD.

(Somebody been raping somebodies education system for decades too long, how couLD that be?)

I find the evolution,. pre ebonic - American English, learnt read and written,. the,.

" Freeing ALL medium proven to cause free thinking! "

GoooooD StuFf!

I lived thru desegragation and the " Erase Illiteracy " campaign of the 60s early 70s.


Nice and pleasant,. literate.

Way back then.. how obvious rampant the comparisons of this day?

You should have your own look based on TIME LINE THINKING,. and

for REAL,. causing life to flourish,. FACTS.

So,. i find out my ancestors,. more or less,. FLED  from HERE  or,. perhaps better said

were invited out,. because of their OBVIOUS  reformation gained

one on one  " with each to their creator as they see fit. "  ?

" Trying to HARMONIZE with the universe that has gifted all LiFe living. "

The obvious unintentional pleasantry of NOT imposing upon others, in any WAY?

Have you ever heard of William Penn,. NO CROSS NO CROWN ?

How about,. Zeitgeist?

Peter Joseph?

I find the fruits of this individuals travels thru time to be very interesting.

As well.. Kevin Annett

I also get a kick out of peter joseph use, of the titles
Peter Joseph,. which is

other than his entirely correct name?

I thought id,. play along.

You can call me,. James Anthony.

And no.. it is not a riDdle!

I am thinking that is how i will post relevant to my personal BLoG.

Why not gather the likeminded interested you found socializing,. to

YOUR personalized DOMAiN BASE!

Say iT BesT with DOMAiNS and EXTENSiONS that Say iT BesT!
Time and Space
Charlie Winston Rocks!
My moms dads mom, Blanche Wagner, lived in a house on a crown in north york, sat on the edge of a ledge that dropped over down into the citys center waterway. She kept her yard a, vine and tree CANOPY, that aimed from the setting sun up thru the yard into the ledge side, basement.
She had BIG oval pictures like in Charlie Winstons videos, grew things and sat with, the SUN.
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