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Welcome to My BLoG!

Interested in setting up your own online website experience?

I am thinking you found your way here thru the fluke of a search or hear,. say?

(i couldnt resisT,. anyway)

I have an interest in online marketing,. park pages and public service traffic projects.

You might want to browse WebsiTeDoiTyourself.iNFO at some point or tangent off on links

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Turns out i have some iDEAS about websites and marketing those iDEAS.

Why to toil under any more duress than really necessary, and, i could go on.

So,. sew,. anyway, on quite a few rounds that, i aM.. still making,

it seems that i may be on my way to,. doing work,. i enjoy..

repaying those who i indebted, debt..

doing things i like best,. siLLy me?

Perhaps help the neighbors, SUN and natural order maintaining,.

free free souls to free thinking while im at it?
i M a gi Ne...  tHaT!?

i,. could call myself,. Custodian CEO Janitor DO ALL - ReaL ReaLiTy Protectorate,.

go about..

" dancing in elf shoes whilst playing a catchy tune on lute " or,.

something,. natural order,. whirly..  like,..  A  L  L   that?   well,..


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My name is Jim.

Perhaps interesting,. and there is that  " NOTION " word.. of which i did have.

I looked into the family,. tree.

Isnt that ,. hilarious,. and, i really do think of myself as a " chimpanzee "

versus bonobo ye crosSed the diViDe again far too often seen, ill leading,

misappropriating, raping, CAGING.. always reENacting something imposing

piTting this universe of living with something rewards in AFTER life when,. DEAD.

(Somebody been raping somebodies education system for decades too long, how couLD that be?)

I find the evolution,. pre ebonic - American English, learnt read and written,. the,.

" Freeing ALL medium proven to cause free thinking! "

GoooooD StufF!

I lived thru desegragation and the " Erase Illiteracy " campaign of the 60s early 70s.


Nice and pleasant,. literate.

Way back then.. how obvious rampant the comparisons of this day?

You should have your own look based on TIME LINE THINKING,. and

for REAL,. causing life to flourish,. FACTS.

So,. i find out my ancestors,. more or less,. FLED  from HERE  or,. perhaps better said

were invited out,. because of their OBVIOUS RiGHT (piT sKiT reformation aNTiCED)

one on one  " with each to their creator as they see fit. "  ?

" Trying to HARMONIZE with the universe that has gifted all LiFe living. "

The obvious unintentional pleasantry of NOT imposing upon others, in any WAY?

Have you ever heard of William Penn,. NO CROSS NO CROWN ?

How about,. Zeitgeist?

Peter Joseph?

I find the fruits of this individuals travels thru time to be very interesting.

As well.. Kevin Annett

I also get a kick out of peter joseph use, of the titles
Peter Joseph,. which is

other than his entirely correct name?

I thought id,. play along.

You can call me,. James Anthony.

And no.. it is not a riDdle!

I am thinking that is how i will post relevant to my personal BLoG.

Why not gather the likeminded interested you found socializing,. to

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CHARLIE WINSTON  - VA2z! - Playlist
Charlie Winston Rocks!
My moms dads mom, Blanche Wagner, (likely born early 1900) lived in a house on a crown in north york, pennsylvania. The front door as was the yard, were set opposite the rising and setting sun. The STONE BOX - ( i have been into this for awhile now, i presume these boxes and there are lots of them, all over) generally to be a baptismal pool atop a naturally electric underground, a basin, of water, or something, caverness, an opening into the far reaching canal side, underground. " Stone type useful specific "  for optimum gathering of sunshine sonnys electric aetheric, within it, around you. No dunking of old white women THEY called witches, (till dead) by the ill led costumed, and,. no two dudes dunking each other while playing the, one dead wizard, needs to remain bled out, hung on the wall, sacrificed, uh,. and uh, tell these riDdLes aFter me and,. we will,. we will,. have them fund/pay for our tights and wigs red shoe a thon, news org sold, FLoWery BuLLsHiT, while we, while we, system sKiT half life them, traffic them, steal their children, drink their blood, and.. and,. ah, figure out how to make obscene societies around having them,. ah.. rape one another! Ewwww whee boy! Pennsylvania, the.. KEYSTONE state.. has an elaborate underground,. the BEST planet connector is my guess. Flood receded,. heres the edges, the quarrys, the, this is this high and this is that low, and heres the old monestaries under the exterminators prisons,. (nothing christian, i mean which sKiT is iT? Nor descent ordering protectorate of, any life - think costuming, paxton boys, same union confederate, COSTUMED,. job holders leading the fleeing descent folk, back,. to slaughtering one another) Welcome to, this is how you find out your new neighbor is a COSTUMER paid to pop out of the night to slaughter/vaccinate/cage you.. like tianamen square,. or the wall after bombing germany, or after some freak circus imposter government CULT does another " dis-tRiCK-ED " experiment, PLAN DEMIC? (WELCOME TO pol it ico - masked (tech and resources commandeering) iMpOSteRs - paid -  stats are r us FMr melee - eugeniciST punk gang - deed doers - fm and tv " world warring " planet earth,. AGAIN?) Forked moronic english speaking, of whatever color ethnicity out of the night,. i mean in your local, jobbed. Liar faggot ( think bertran russel mentioning - paid financed deed doers - faggot - CCE-ian iMpoSteR military medical system goUvernEment - dis-tRiCk-ED) loves costumes and masks. NOT a descent guardian in any way for ANY ever gifted living and life under any SUN in any galaxy - (we will not beg to disagree) It is sorta that,. simple. They are impostering and doing stunts because they have the underground loaded with,. " surface sKiT stolen " chained, tortured, dead, mutilated, whomever descendants of the SUN once gifted living and life,. (and what to do with them, now)(no doubt old folks homes and the, hospital unaccountable - a part in the - system) The trafficked/exterminated, for the blood drinking, body parts trafficking, ADRENACHROME manufacturing CULT,. that is,. your government, needing an ADRENACHROME USE piss test,. for every single one of them ( higher ups - doubly assured with valid citizen appointed confirmable transparency ) like,. already. Add in the history in plain site that further relates the obviousness of this columbine middle euro eastern southern fried forked, female caging, child assbackwarding ill leading, SUN and natural order per-versing MIDDLE EASTERN CULT,. and can you say,. biNgo? Why would any society listen or allow any government, why would any government under any SUN purport right function for all, naturally, whilst going on with these religious, militant, societied, " descency and sanctity mutilation encagement experiments " upon any of planet earths inhabitants in any way? The, couple hundred year old,. exterminator terrorist of just about every republic under any SUN? Seriously,. this.. is your ORGANIZED INTELLECT? Try CCE in progresS and the cross dressing mutated hoLLyWoOdiAN COLUMBINE front is NOT,. going to arrest themselves for the obvious,. HIJACKING,. of america.. and,. the WORLD.. yes? You are FIRED.. i got a new system,. plain and simple - UNDER ARREST yourself.. QUIT - Welcome to.. sKiT-LesS,. asSBAcKWARD-leSs,. COSTUMER nonsense,. free,. calm coOL natural order BASED,. WORLD ORDER! - How tragic asSbaCKWARDED - muTaNt loudmouths.. sTiLL having nothing descent to convince you they wont organize and rape you or your children with armed miltary docterate terrorist government jobbed CELLS encagements - FIRED - get the f@C out - seriously - The new rage! Dumbasses.. four five generations deep raised to hijack and exterminate peoples lives, the republic, and any natural descency under any SUN while, BLOOD CULTing, paid, housed, winky winking with elite over deceit that assures in the know their positions as, hijackers, daily agrandizing their, success, with a NEWS STuNT,. or another,. BILLBOARD/sign? Which,. COSTUME - protocol - pre-TEND - NEWS ORG Tv FM in your face phone DAILY is it today.. dear, SUN and natural order oblivious,. child thief sacrificer, - f@Cr diCd bRAiN-ED ? How tragic, a way of LIFE for the ill led,. skit raised paid caged.. maming the rest. Do YOU REALLY UNDERSTAND what are the foundations, the common sense, only achieved thru, COMMON literacy that might allow ALL of US to realize TOGETHER the WAY back, to evolving naturally, with mothers SUN? The SUN system that created and maintains you. LiFe iS The GiFT! Anyway.. just about street level, found on many crowns and ledges ( generally not matching the building on top) are these STONE BOXES. The CULTiST sacrifices the child they stole in the naturally, high electric cavern beneath the, " SUN-less church " where, on top the living dead, you and your masking ass backward CO LUM B I NE dis-TRICK-ED ill led paid housed cager neighbor, ( i know,. its NOT you,, toO) eat wafers and wine, canonizing another dead wizard, (stolen child sacrificed ) Look up child hunts - phallus trophy - dismemberment - be realistic, sick, like the faggot that would do it - Time to,. WAKE UP) as THEY,. drink its adrenalized, blood. ( If you can not manage rightly under the SUN your gift to life - vessel - in a natural calm resolute way.. then.. you need advice or help perhaps,. or have,. CHOSEN,. that you do not understand, life,. for you.. let alone you, deciding for others,. or planet earth or for that matter anything else, that mother nature, MADE? ) Anyway,. over by grammys the portion of the stone bottom obviously the " ancient stone box along the river underground " is sitting toward the east north corner of these two, likely was once one, small stone underground entrance, or a pool or a dwelling. ( i have begun thinking in terms of,. ridge,. the box enters the ridge,. the GOOD ridge.. goes wherever,  takes,.. " slaves OUT of the quaker led free societied enclave known as,. York,. why? " REALLy? uh-0h.. kNoCK KNoCK? The spot, reminds me of an intersection where, sunny beats on the, so it seemed, side wall, (versus front or back yard) that as it turned out had the huge array of the old city house style windows. In general, considering that era, electric, and a cost, single elder grammy, kept the living room curtained, darker, the kitchen big and bright. But,. no doubt regardless of the CONgregating CHURCH BOX BUILDING religious system based, neighbors, moved in, trying to COSTUME UP,. and SELL,. imPoSe,. (dead wizard) PRE-tEND, ( a riDdLe all in its self?) at local society expense, grannys day surely went round with the grandness of mother natures sun shine sonny and this particular spot, crown, natural eLeCtRiC excellence. Church boxes on top of these crowns, on top of these naturally eLeCTriC UNDERground, (leave it to mother nature sunshine sonny and a, flood, receded ) add in a bunch of dead eating protocol bound, f@CrS, and you find generally these church boxes have,. black windows, mosaic, some sort of staind glass scene, lambs and dead wizards, the sacrificed, or no windows at all.  " NO.. thru naturally occuring clean clear aetheric, (since planet raping commandeers GAS iT) will the SUNS puLSe rate, EVER AGAIN,  rightly, naturally, energize this basin, entrance, " baptismal pool " where the gifted living and life, under the SUN.. would meet to gather, ( chambered or not ) clean clear aetheric, perhaps exercise, swim around, viewing thru certain stone types set upon a horizon aligned wall, to eCLipSe the puLSe raTe of the SUN, for oPtiMuM vesSeL devELopEmEnT. huh? WhaD e say? Anyway,. maintaining the ritualist dead wizard sKiT, and.. assuring female encagement subservience, (seriously, obviously,. there is no one rightly so relating to this day). There is NO ONE ABLE to " lead you back, to the WAY, of our SUN " William penn, paine, fox, the 500 nations, even the ill led religious CULT sKiT accosted accosting as any and ALL ever gifted living and life under any SUN ever fled these costuming cager f@C-iTS,. " have no one nor any idea of how to get back to the WAY, of mothers SUN? " Grammy,. blanche, kept her yard a, vine and tree CANOPY, where, in the yard leading up toward the basement wall, entrance, it always seemed cozy and naturally scented. The basement had a feel about it,. (like i would expect sun shine sonnys handy work could maintain in caverns along any creek) And, with that fresh natural scent found there, an aroma of something granny canned, or stored. She had BIG oval pictures like in the Charlie Winston video, grew things and sat, with the SUN.
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