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j61 -  j61.de - The,. Fictious True Story of James Anthony.  - whaT?

No,. we are not riDdliNg something,. " Historical FICTION "

Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!

DOMAIN BASE,. the original you.
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5 wheels 6 cogs a piece - 30 cogs - My BLoG - Drag and Dropped! - Niche market you round the world wide net as you see fiT!
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out enroute, flying flyers, discus liars, hiJackers 101, UN fiction your Historical self, UN-flowery bullshit you too - ok NOT, Well We Are,Timelined Too, rELic ZoO
Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT, Domain Privacy Available, The SOLID BOTTOM you have been looking for, FOUND,
Tell on yourself with,. CONfidence, CONjurer, CONglomerate, CON artists, UNION, gouvernement, we dont do LORUM ipsum
nor striving for ENERGY from anything ill wired short circuiting of BAD vibrations, put to death flailing
NOTHING romish venecian arabic israelian gendered tongues twisting yiddishian esperantiC ZionisTic MASONioniC templarasSisTiC - POPEian CABBALIST CORP

T h iN k iN g,.. etc.. for STARTERS.

We opted out LONG ago.

1960s ERASE ILLITERACY campaign - already had it solved.
(Somebody DiD false flag city resources hijack it into oblivion. Obviously - PERIOD.)

No U where it shouldnt be - and Z instead of the tongues twisted thinking of s - pre EBONIC - American English poppy,. SIMPLE as THAT.

ABBREVIATIONS " stand alone " have always been a METHOD of system shuffling profiteering,.

ANTICS,. ILL LEADING whilst  " CONjuring the REST "

This,. going backwards, demonstrates, your lack of evolvement, and how, " highly dangerous ", WASTEFUL, yous, really are,

whaT?   Oh,. alright.. one more.

Quaker tHiS and Quaker ThaT, get yourself a Quaker HaT!

Or,. a half dozen or so,. or.. one for everyday of the week while you are at it.


Peoples Assembly you too!



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The,. online virtual world community for the discerning human,. game. - The Original You,. Virtual Too!

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