RipPling ripPLeS riPple!
Intersections - Intersecting
6.2.16 - 14:22
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Intersections and Intersecting - Time noticed, riPpling.

This post occurs as a matter of trying to relate to, NATURAL UNIVERSE ORDER.


Like,. oh,. yea, i saw the sun today and it was really smeary and the clouds were,.

long and narrow, like a grid,. i mean like, tic tac,. once, ... .. . well, actually,

more than once, it even looked like one of those disgusting, crucifier crosses,

numerous times, GIANT,. all across town, i mean the sky, like they were pinpointing,.

how this DAILY CHEMiCAL gas clouding sKiT, would, center best for,

optimum dosing of the, zombie slaves,. and yet another,. made up special

news story, how York, breathing (CHEMical dosing) gets another,. OVER heated

hottest day on record,. BAD AIR QUALITY, day.

Whats that,. your not trapped in their slave piT and, your not a zombie slave?

Yea,. you ainT a monkey too.

AND,. you missed the point, again.

No offense,. i breathe natural order AIR.

CHEMicals,. put in the AIR, are a a CONjurer slaver f@cUps, genocidal rape,.of


I dont do purportedly ILLuminated nor UNilluminated,. skulls, bones, HOODS

skull CAPS, dresses gowns, cross dressing, crosses, crescents of any sort, CROWNS

loyolians, IGNATIANS, CULTos, Cabal Kabalist SufiisT Mystic Mysticism

child rape sacrifice, female enslavement, CHi energy enslavement, (who runs china again?)

popeianism, bonoboism, most any form of anything isT ian isM,.. .. .

NO religious " belief culture " (we are not pretending with you YOUR GODS way)

nor any of the CONjurers HOLY BOOKS or SECRET SOCIETY protocol ordered

ruling government - EDUCATION.

Absolutely nothing,. aspirations of grandeur in death, something,

vessel alive when dead, AFTER life

of any sort.

Go ahead,. you can s Nic keR,. slap yer leg, wobble yer head abouT.

oh,. and NWO - New World Order - is an,. a M aLgi Ma tIon of  " stupidities "

that we clearly,. OPTED from,.  l o ng ago.

Obvious,. iS OBVIOUS.

For starters.

Whats that,. whos this loser slave goyem?

sometimes it actually does help if you can maybe relate to the sheep

before you sKiT them into being, robbed raped and murdered?

You can make a new flag too!

In fact,. ALL yall, can get with
making, NEW FLAGS!

And,. one tongue literacy,. is,. already!

Time to get onboard.

No offense.

We live differently.


Key word is,. LiVe!


Time to wakeup,. HOLLYWOODIAN zoMbie.

You appear,. freakish, dangerous.

Obviously,. PAID, sKiT manipulated.

BANNER holding sowing,. stupid.

" Why to continue holding the ignorance and banners

built upon raping the rest into the,. pretending of

COnjurers TONGUES, and CULTURES? "

Free Souls Freeing ALL!

Learnt Read Written - American Freeing ALL English.

The,. freeing all medium proven to cause free thinking!

Anybody remember the ERASE ILLITERACY campaign of the 1960s 70s?

I actually aM,. trying to get around to this post and, intersections and intersecting.

Anyway,. how about,. have you ever heard of William Penn?

William Penn wasnt carrying a starry red and white striped,. blood drenched, flag.

William Penn wasnt a jesuit mason " member accomplisse ANTIC doer nor OATH taker "

William Penn did not practice the
CHi energy enslaving, Cabalist CONjurers sKiTs

Judaism Christianity nor Islam.

Willia Penn WROTE in an era where life murdering inquisitor brained GOVERNMENT educators

insisted, TOPICS and premise for maintaining, child sacrifice, female enslavement,

AFTER life sales, CHi energy enslavement, TORTURE, WAR and profiting.

William Penn wrote - NO CROSS NO CROWN - and, on the Trinity.. whilst following luther,.

or was it melancthon,. or some other,. INNER LIGHT LIT free souls even keeled NON dead end

OBVIOUS explanation, leading those gifted living to the sanctity of knowing,.

LiFe,. NOT AFTER life,. iS,. the GiFT!

Why did my ancestors flee AT ALL COSTS from once beautiful germany

to a new land like,. PENNsylvania?

Welcome to,. BEING -  AMERICAN english!

William Penn was a
natural order connected free soul realizing real reality as it unfolded

around him, and around those that he met.

In any event,.

So long as you dont use
tax system intertwining of any sort,

nor involve it in my
public education or government, in any way

well then, i wont be offended either,.

Careful you dont get yourself to,. teetering.

s N icKeR?


We opted out of the babylonian skit brained thinking,. reENacting, long ago.

We would appreciate if you could refrain from,. causing us to KILL you as we defend our sanctity, and

self interest to remain free,. of you, and any form of any of the sKiTs as aforementioned.

Rape is Rape.

Become a closet anTiC aLL unto,. yourself!

No offense.


And,. thanks.


Silly me,. actually, hiGHLy daNgeRouS you is exactly like it.

We dont do any form of,. p R e TeNd.

NOTHING.. " belief,. culture "

LiFe,. iS The GiFT!

Why to pretend what is obviously not there anyhow, AND,.

whilst selling AFTER life none will ever prove?

Shame it is,. those raised upon the sicknesses most fled.

Then, opting in (something a job holder) to commandeer society so that NATURAL ORDER

enslaver harvesters, upon people experimenting, earth wrecking, fossil fuel marketing

might maintain consistent profiting,. so you can get a paycheck.

Not an easy thing managed, as one traverse this existence.

No doubt most will find many things anew,. this GRAND iDeal, life gifted living.

Upon and within a universe ever expanding,. still, there is nothing like personal sanctity,

recognizing and having at your disposal the basics you need, without cost, pittedness or hardship.

A place for your life to flourish easily,. something calm cozy and secure.

Everything you need in ReaL ReaLiTy!

A NATURAL CONNECTION to the living universe,. and what is ever expanding absolute TIME.

Your very own personal relationship with,. as some say, god,. without another mans, CONjuring.

Could you recognize a bargain if what i showed you is as OBVIOUS as is OBVIOUS?

A RiDdLe ainT a ridDle until you unriddle it.

ALL of humanity is connected, vibrating and RESONANTING with this UNIVERSE that has gifted all living life.

How enslaved, to what is a system of pretending otherwise, are you?

To each their own personal relationship with this that has gifted all living life,. that

some call, god.

i M a Gi Ne,. OUR Great Wellness! ?

One and the SAME?


By a Say iT BesT Domain and EXTENSION for yourself!

Start a domain portfolio of your own making.

Have you found as you see fiT!

Connect the likeminded interested you found socializing,. to YOUR DOMAIN BASE.

No offense,. we opted out,. LONG ago.

We WILL NOT be funding nor PRETENDING any version of these

b A By Lo Ni AN.. BR a I nEd

CHI energy and free souls vessel enslavement sKiTs,.

judaism,. christianity nor islam.

We ARE NOT carrying,. parading,. or FUNDING your CROSS sKiT.

NONE - none, were  de Si G ne D to allow,. to each their own

individual connection,. to the universe that has gifted all life living.

The southern CRUX constellation is a CONjuring of star patterns

most have not and never will see, that comprises,. dying stars.

It iS NO LONGER up for debate.

LiFe,. is The GiFT!

Try something more,. ONE with the universe,. to each its own.

Like,. trying to modulate naturally under a CHEMical free sky, with the SUN!


Buy a DOMAIN NAME,. or several,. start a domain portfolio.

Connect the likeminded interested you found socialiZing to YOUR


Maybe something,.  .WTF  !?

Or,. .Me or .iNFO or .COM or..

DOMAIN Privacy Available.

Tell on yourself while you are at it!

Free Free Souls To Free Thinking!


Get OUT of The TROUGH!


Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!
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on the side of it

j61blog and are some of what i am presently

working on.

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This is just another page i need,. personal time to expound.

Possibly,. cool content.

i got some ideas about this page,. i just now need

time,. and money,.. no wait,. iTs

money,. that allows me the time i now need,.

out,. of the,. whatever i can,. beg borrow or toil over

to begin managing the marketing projects framework

i built over what is now,. way too long ago.

Time for change!

i need a loan

DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING,. domainer,. the RaGe!
The, online virtual world community
for the discerning human
Spend your money for your programming as you see fit.

I recommend canceling your CABLE DISH,. ALREADY..

" There is NO USE in you funding the pretend that rapes your mind from your keeping "
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