RipPling ripPLeS riPple!
6.16.16 - 18:56:57
j61 - 6.16.16  - YouTuBe Playlist

6.16.16 - 18:56:57

There is nothing odd about me in anyway.

It is YOU,. reENacTing out  p R e Te N d,.  as if it were not,.

who is actually,.  OBVIOUSLY..   H I G H LY   d a N ge Ro u S.

6.16.16 - 19:05:06

Did i,. i DiD.. mention i have some kind of issue,. with, time?

An array of connections to the universe placements,.

oh,. and by the way,. hi.

Ok,. one more.

6.16.16 - 19:09:10

those US ALL united,. literate, one tongued nothing gendered.

Must ALWAYS know entirely,. with timelined evidence

our VOTE for VOTE,. CHOOSEN.. elected,. governments.

No.. no i didnt say,. goUvernEment.

Welcome to yet another version of the TONGUES twisted thinkers waltz

BANNER sowing extravaganza gone wild,. iF,. you can begin to,. see.

NO,. " e " or " U " in,. GOVERNMENT.

get it,. a failed gang hijacking Hi TeCHNology all the while,.CONjuring



Oh come on,. oh,.. alright.

I dont take it back either.

Say snicker.

Come on,. say it so,.

bow before me so i can see your pineal gland tell your third eye to say,. i.

Thats the problem with,. p R e Te Nd iN g,. the zombies who led you lost ill leading

had no iDea how to ALLOW you to flourish as yourself.

ONE,. with the universe that has giFted ALL liFe living.

anyway,. I am looking to do something Kickstarter.

More about that,. here - OuV2? - updating soon.

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